The Author

Hello, my name is Glen McCoy.

I work as a Master Electrician and have two sons. I am an average guy who created a game that I have been wanting to get into production for over 10 years now. This game has been a dream of mine to get out into the world.

Even though Chess will always be the game that everyone plays, DoubleMate™ The Ultimate Chess Game will bring on the challenges and strategies tenfold.

I personally hand-crafted what the DoubleMate™ chessboard would look like, and had it made by Customchess which, did an exceptional job of hard-carving the board and drawers for the chess pieces.  Check out their website for custom chess boards.

I have had a few family members play the game to see how they thought the challenges were. It took them by surprise how intricate, challenging and strategic the game can be.  

If you want to become a Master of DoubleMate™ then check out my website and video.

Enjoy the stay and make yourself at home.