Chess is a Wonderful Game!


 “The Ultimate Chess Game”

Chess was created centuries ago. Hundreds of generations have played Chess, many have lost and few have won. DoubleMate™ The Ultimate Chess Game was NOT created to replace Chess we all have enjoyed over the years. I created a chess board that expands the playing-field. I added 3 NEW pieces to give DoubleMate™ an edge. There are two (2) chess boards in the center that you can play single games if desired. The intricate challenges and strategic thinking will amaze you.

In DoubleMate™ The Ultimate Chess Game there are two ways to win. (1) by taking out your opponent's kings one at a time including their converted princes for a total of 4 possible kings. (2) by placing both your opponent's kings in checkmate at the same time. example; A wizard can hold a king in checkmate by itself while your remaining pieces work on placing the second king in checkmate for the ultimate DoubleMate™ win!

The Musketeer moves in a forward direction similar to a pawn, once it encounters a blocking piece (yours or your opponent's playing piece) it may hop over that piece to an unoccupied square (forward, diagonal or sideways). Its sole purpose is to reach your opponent's end board to allow your Wizard to enter the game.

The Prince moves one or two squares in any direction, and may leap over any playing piece adjacent to his square, capturing or not, the square he lands on. The Prince converts to a king at the time your king is captured giving your opponent another chance at DoubleMate™. The Wizard may move like a queen, prince and a knight giving it the ability to place a king in checkmate by itself.

I would like to do small tournaments for High School, College & University Chess clubs, but the ultimate challenge is to have a Chess Master(s) play this game. This game will fascinate chess players worldwide to see if this game is challenging enough for a true chess player to earn the DoubleMate™ Master title. Even though Chess will always be the game that everyone enjoys playing, DoubleMate™ The Ultimate Chess Game will bring on the challenges and strategies tenfold.

The wooden DoubleMate™ fold-out chess board was hand-crafted by Custom Chess. Everyone, this company did an awesome job on my board.  Their website is located at: Check them out!

Production for the wooden sets will be available on and in the near future.

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